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Wheelie Fun is a 57 Cameo Pickup 1/4 Mile Wheelstander, known for doing the longest and highest wheelstands in the west. She is an NHRA certified Exhibition wheelstander, as is her builder/owner/driver, Rob Murphy.
With her body a 5/8 scale Cameo Pickup truck, she runs a Keith Black hemi in the back that gives her all the horsepower she needs to pick up those front wheels and keep them up all the way down the 1/4 mile and beyond.
 We named our wheelstander "Wheelie Fun" as Rob has a lot of fun doing those 1/4 Mile wheelies and we have a great time going to events together, with Wheelie Fun and her smaller counterpart, "mini-me" the wheelstanding, tee-shirt shooting look-a-like, driven by Rob's wife, Lesley. 


We are very proud of the fact that everything you see was created by us for going out and having fun, and it makes all the effort worthwhile when people cheer us on!

We like to have a little fun now and then, by doing things like having Mini-Me line up to challenge Wheelie Fun at the start lights, and of course doing our mini-wheelstands when we pick up the big car after a run. We have been told on a few occasions that we enjoyable to watch because of it...

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos from past events, and also hope you can come see us in person.  Come visit us in the pits, listen for the oldies tunes and smell the BBQ cooking,  you'll find us!

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